Female First released results of a survey where they found the minor crimes people are most likely to commit in their lifetime. But, St. Cloud residents are a little different than everybody else. We have our own unique crimes we're more likely to commit than anyone else. Check out the list and tell us your number of crimes you've committed from this list.

1. Buying something at Crossroads Center, wearing it, and returning it. Really?

2. Calling in sick to work when you're really not sick...probably to make hot dish...or shovel your driveway. This one is understandable.

3. Illegally downloading music and movies. Don't lie, you totally only downloaded The Mighty Ducks because parts of the film were shot in St. Cloud.

4. Getting too much change back from one of our 33 pizza restaurants and then keeping it...not cool, St. Cloud--not cool.

5. Using someone else's wifi...you know who you are (SCSU students).

6. Eating grapes or other little things while you're shopping at Coborn's without paying for them. SHAMEFUL!

7. Smuggling food into a movie at Marcus Parkwood Cinema. Heathens, I say!

8. Using the bathroom at KWIK Trip without buying anything. Were you raised by a family of squirrels?!

9. Driving down Division with an expired license. DOOM ON YOU.

10. Lying at Mexican Villiage and saying it's your birthday when it's not. Do you just want to watch the world burn or something?!